Lapis - 8,8 ha

  • It is situated in the center part of the Bodrogkeresztúri-halfbasin heading to South, South-East.
  • The fundamental rock is the volcanic rhyolite tuff. The dominant pyroxene in the North part of the Lapis here pricks out in small patches. The signs of the volcanic after-dejections can be found as a benefited perlite existence.
  • On the hill there is a very adherent "nyirok" soil.
  • Altitude: 170-220 m.
  • Year of planting: 1975.
  • Grape variety: Furmint, Hárslevelű

Somos - 3,2 ha

  • The fundamental rock is riolittufa.
  • The soil is a less adherent loamy.
  • Altitude: 150-170 m.
  • Grape variety: Furmint, Hárslevelű

Várhegy - 2,3 ha

  • To the fundamental rock a late volcanic dejection spreaded pyroxene. (This is the bed-rock of the Great Kopasz-mountain close to Tokaj.)
  • The soil has here high variety of minerals. One part is adherent "nyirok" soil while the other degraded to the fundamental rock, where grit-stone can be seen on the surface. This gritstone is a fine-grained composit of rhyolite, pumiceous and perlite.
  • Year of planting: 2002.
  • Altitude: 200-250 m
  • Grape varieties: Furmint, Sárga muskotály